Industry Partners, please read below if you currently interface or are interested in building an interface to FrameworkLTC.

Interface to FrameworkLTC

Do you have plans to interface to FrameworkLTC pharmacy management system? 
Our software interfaces are complete with an extensive list of data elements that FrameworkLTC can send and receive, enhancing user experience and maximizing your offering. Pharmacies play an integral role in determining value-add solutions for their LTC customers. To assist, SoftWriters offers free interface testing.

Certify Your Interface

SoftWriters offers Certification Services for products interfacing with FrameworkLTC via the FrameworkHL7 or FrameworkERX (NCPDP SCRIPT) interface platform. These services are designed to:

  1. Promote customer confidence in interfaced products and the messages that are passed.

  2. Provide vendors seeking certification access to the SoftWriters' support team.

  3. Enhance knowledge of collective value and capabilities to the pharmacy community frequenting SoftWriters' website.

A certification packet will be provided to vendors seeking certification. This packet will include the certification exam details. The certification exam will consist of a number of sample messages that must be sent to SoftWriters for verification. Once the messages have been verified, your product will become certified for the messages tested.

Certification will be indicated on the website with bold font and an asterisk by your listing.

SoftWriters' Vendor Support Services

SoftWriters' Vendor Support Services are available to all vendors interested in certifying their interface to FrameworkLTC. Standard testing and certification is available at no charge and additional support is available for those desiring more hands-on assistance from SoftWriters.

Get Started

Ready to begin the process of interfacing and/or get your interface certified? Send us an email and we'll be in touch.