Customer Testimonials

FrameworkLTC and companion products enable pharmacies to thrive within a complex, demanding environment to compete effectively, grow efficiently, and maximize margin. But don't take our word for it - select from the following to hear how customers are using SoftWriters' solutions to achieve results.

Customer Service

Hear how SoftWriters' solutions help our pharmacies offer superior customized service with facility centric, rules-based software, advanced reporting, form generation and sophisticated bi-directional interfacing.

Workflow Efficiencies

SoftWriters' automated workflows and rules-based software enable pharmacies to bring a new level of efficiency to their pharmacy processes.


FrameworkLTC interfaces to over 90 LTC specific technologies. SoftWriters pharmacies are able to say YES when their facility customers ask about particular interfaces.

Growing Your Pharmacy Business

SoftWriters solutions are designed from the ground up to enable LTC pharmacies to grow their business efficiently. With rules-based software your staff can lose sight of the 21+ various facility preferences per order because FrameworkLTC will apply those rules automatically. Hear how our customers rely on the FrameworkLTC solution to help them grow.

Regulatory Requirements

SoftWriters stays engaged in legislation and professional organizations that shape the future of LTC pharmacy so we can keep our customers in front of regulatory requirements. Hear how SoftWriters pharmacies appreciate staying ahead of regulatory requirements.

Ease of Use

With an intuitive user interface, the FrameworkLTC solutions are extremely easy to use.

SoftWriters' Configurable Solutions

Provide concierge-level service by catering ot the needs of every unique facility, wing and patient with our facility-centric software. Learn how this keeps SoftWriters pharmacies ahead of the game.

SoftWriters' Customer Service

Your success is our success. SoftWriters' solutions are Microsoft Certified for Windows and built on a current technology platform, giving our pharmacies a very robust and stable environment. Over 50% of our resources are dedicated to customer support, implementation and training, and we work hard to maintain 94%+ customer support satisfaction. Hear how our customers feel about SoftWriters developing tools that help them compete and win business.