Call Center

Our Call Center is available Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. EST. Simply call us at (888) 223-3022 to reach the first available application analyst. If an analyst is not immediately available, you may leave a message and the first available analyst will return your call. An incident number will be assigned to your call, and support notes from all analysts will be recorded to your incident number. You can also email

Please provide your contact information and a brief description of your problem. An RxPertise representative will be notified and contact you soon. All fields are required.

Email Support

Customer Center

RxPertise users, visit the Customer Center to access the following information:

  • Downloads

    • RxPertise Installation Software for our latest Standard version

    • Monthly Data Updater/AutoUpdater installer

    • Complete set of sample reports and graphs

  • Support

    • Product ID Status Check

  • Video Tutorials

    • Access video tutorials on the many feature enhancements made to our latest version, 9.1 Standard.

Remote Access

We also offer personalized support using remote access. Here, the application analyst will be able to connect directly to your PC and control RxPertise on your workstation. Click the button and enter the code provided by your analyst to begin the remote access.

Technical Requirements

View the technical requirements for running RxPertise.