Courtney Oland, RPH and President of Waltz Long Term Care Pharmacy shared this after working with Nancy: 

"Nancy Zimmerman from Softwriters was essential to Waltz Pharmacies successful transition to Framework LTC. She was professional, engaged and willing to get into the trenches with our team to ensure a smooth “go live”. 

The team here considers ourselves lucky to have been assigned Nancy as our trainer. She obviously loves her job and we can attest here at Waltz..is very good at it! If she did not know the answer to a particular question that came up she was clearly committed to getting us to the right person to get the answer. 

Nancy has continued to be a valuable resource post live and goes out of her way to help in any way she can."

- Courtney Oland, RPH, President, Waltz Long Term Care Pharmacy


Tarek Mazloum, RPH, owner of CET Pharmacy Group, a large provider of Pharmacy Services in locations throughout Michigan writes:

“It was my pleasure to meet and work with Jackie Maitland from SoftWriters. As a long term care pharmacy, we struggled with almost every aspect of the operation. We needed structure for the team and workflows with defined roles and responsibilities for our team members that leveraged the capabilities of the FrameworkLTC Software. Furthermore, our inexperience with the software made it difficult to understand our billing process and create a solid billing department. Our pharmacy was not performing financially and we were considering shutting it down.   

We made the strategic decision to enlist the help of SoftWriters’ pharmacy consultant, Jackie Maitland. Jackie came out to our pharmacy and spent a total of 8 days on-sight with us. With her years of experience as a long-term care pharmacy leader and her expert knowledge of the software, Jackie helped us turn the pharmacy around. During her visit, Jackie took the time to evaluate our current processes and understand our business goals. Using that information, she helped establish the FrameworkLTC software configuration and workflow that best fit our needs. It resulted in a 180-degree turnaround overnight. Our stress level is now tremendously reduced, and for the first time in a year, we are seeing positive, solid gross margins. Jackie's work deserves the utmost recognition. She is a tremendous asset to SoftWriters. Thank you Jackie! “  

Tarek MazloumRPH, Owner, CET Pharmacy Group

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 11.37.56 AM.png

Eric Nelson, R.Ph. and CEO of Kalamazoo LTC had this to say about working with Jackie:

"KLTC Pharmacy decided to switch operating systems because our existing system did not have a work-flow module and the necessary vendor interfaces to optimize our efficiencies. After researching various systems and talking to other pharmacies about their experiences, we decided that FrameworkLTC had all the functions needed to continue to grow our business. Every pharmacy has unique needs, and there isn’t anything easy about converting to a new pharmacy software system. I believe Jackie Maitland, from Softwriters, was the key to our successful transition. She has a unique blend of pharmacy operations background and an expertise of the FrameworkLTC system. She was able assess our current work-flow and customer needs and make suggestions on how to optimize them with FrameworkLTC. Her ongoing support and advice has been, and continues to be, invaluable. Having knowledgeable staff that understands the software as well pharmacy operations has made all the difference for our pharmacy and the transition to a new system."

- Erik Nelson, R.Ph., CEO Kalamazoo Long Term Care



Michael Shamalov, R.Ph. and Pharmacy Director of LI Script wrote in: 

"I just want to take a moment to express our gratitude and appreciation for having Tim Tannert spend this week with us at LI Script. As our pharmacy grows, we know we need to rely more on all the functionalities that FrameworkLTC offers. Tim was very informative and extremely patient with all our pharmacists and technicians at the pharmacy. Some of the subjects he assisted us with include implementing a single batch system, implementing shipping tote process, Flash Rx, and Cycle Fill Drugs vs. Non-standard Cycle Meds, as well as Delivery Track w/ Delivery ID. While at LI Script, he introduced us to the "On-Site Store" concept, which we are very interested in learning more about and implementing in the near future.

We feel that SoftWriters' is fortunate to have Tim working with them. We thank Tim for spending this time with us, as we realize it is difficult to be away from family and be on-site at pharmacies all over the country. Most of all, we appreciate that Tim was willing to get on the phone to seek support for any little glitches that we came across during this learning process. We look forward to utilizing all the tips and techniques Tim brought to LI Script, and we hope we will have him back one day as our pharmacy continues to grow. 

The time Tim spent at LI Script helped us realize the capabilities of FrameworkLTC and gives us even more confidence in our choice to use SoftWriters." 

- Michael Shamalov, R.Ph., Pharmacy Director LI Script Pharmacy