FrameworkLTC® is the only software solution created specifically for the unique processes of closed door, 340B and specialty pharmacies.  Backed by decades of LTC pharmacy expertise, FrameworkLTC's highly configurable design, flexibility, built-in efficiencies and resulting scalability make it the industry's premiere pharmacy management system. With input from marketplace thought leaders, industry experts have created a robust application that streamlines both standard processes and non-standard transactions such as rejections, prior authorizations and rebilling.  Visit the site »

FrameworkECM™ is the first of its kind - the electronic content management system that manages all orders through a singular process, including fax, phone and electronic prescriptions.  FrameworkECM integrates fully and seamlessly with FrameworkLTC®, unifies workflow for faxes, phone orders and ePrescribing, automates workflow tasks and stores all types of digital content, including PDF documents, voicemail wav files, Microsoft documents and more.  More »

FrameworkPOD ensures all medications scheduled to be delivered arrive accurately with complete integration to FrameworkLTC. The only fully integrated, web-based application, FrameworkPOD acts as an automated smart-delivery manager, ensuring driver and route optimization. More »

FrameworkLink is a powerful communication tool between long-term care facilities and the pharmacies that serve them. The features of FrameworkLink were specifically designed to share the information users need most, and automate tasks. Send and track messages to anyone within the FrameworkLink system. Share important patient profile data to improve accuracy on the prescriptions you dispense.Streamline billing and pricing tasks, so you know what costs to expect. Track orders and view your order history. Generate management reports to understand your workflow. Print forms, medical records and labels right from the system. Facility users do it all through FrameworkLTC systems through FrameworkLink's easy-to-use browser interface. More »

FrameworkFlow is your connection to FrameworkLTC power, anywhere in the pharmacy. This hand-held, barcode scanner technology helps you increase efficiency and eliminate dispensing errors even when you're not sitting at your FrameworkLTC workstation. Inventory becomes quick and accurate with FrameworkFlow on hand. Scanning takes dispensing and defining shipping totes to a whole new level, as FrameworkFlow matches prescription label barcodes to manufacturer's barcodes, alerting you with audible and on-screen warnings if there's a problem. Speed… accuracy… convenience… FrameworkFlow was designed with the mobile pharmacist in mind. More »

Integrate today’s medical technologies with your pharmacy workflow for new dynamic opportunities using FrameworkHL7. This companion product to FrameworkLTC becomes your connection to a whole world of added functionality and efficiencies, including electronic medication administration records (eMAR), EHRs, remote dispensing, and packaging technologies. Enjoy labor-saving solutions and improve accuracy with credible information at your fingertips. More »

Decide with confidence using the new business intelligence product, FrameworkBI™. FrameworkBI is a web-based application that provides real-time access to the business metrics pharmacies need to make crucial business day-to-day decisions. This companion product to FrameworkLTC can be utilized on your smart phone or tablet anywhere, anytime. More »