Want your entire team to receive training without the hassle of travel? SoftWriters will send a seasoned professional to your location to complete training, spending a minimum of 2-days onsite. Onsite training provides the ability to have your staff trained in your pharmacy, with your equipment and more importantly, with your data. This is a great option for FrameworkLTC® users who want a refresher on optimized workflow within the system based on their operations, or who are growing and want to maximize their efficiencies and minimize the effort involved while expanding into new markets.

Softwriters' Mock Pharmacy

At SoftWriters' new Training Center, you won't just listen to lectures and take notes, you'll sit at a real workstation, and access data in our mock pharmacy. You'll use printers and scanners, just as you would in a pharmacy, and learn both must-know and advanced options for either FrameworkLTC, our flagship product, or Sage Accpac. The biggest benefit of training at SoftWriters is that your staff will be able to give their undivided attention and walk away with a great deal of knowledge.

SoftWriters Training Center is run by seasoned professionals, and provides state-of-the-art amenities, including:

  • 10 student workstations

  • Large plasma monitors

  • Realistic pharmacy for practicing new skills

  • Simulated linear workflow training

  • Kitchen for breaks

SoftWriters Training Center is located near McCandless, PA, just 40 miles from the Pittsburgh International Airport, and a short drive from affordable lodging, diverse restaurants and downtown Pittsburgh.

Web Training

Pharmacies interested in a training with their data, yet don't have the resources or need to commit to onsite training, should consider web trainings. SoftWriters' web training sessions are a great way to learn more about a specific topic, to see how using new tools within the software can help your workflow, or provide refresher training for staff members. We have a multitude of training topics, including:

  • Perpetual inventory

  • Billing process

  • On Site stores

  • Third Party Reconciliation

  • FrameworkLink™

Web trainings are offered in two-hour increments with the curriculum designed around your unique needs. Email us for more information or to schedule your training.