New to LTC Pharmacy?

Long term care pharmacy operations have their own set of nuances not found in the retail space. Multiple payers, cycle fills, billing preferences, required interfaces and facility preferences make fulfilling prescriptions for LTC difficult with a retail system.

Technology brings enhanced services and reduces the time necessary for nurses and caregivers to access medications.

It is also vital for the pharmacy to be able to handle all of the different preferences and requests between your nursing facilities accurately.

Discover the advantages of using the FrameworkLTC solution set in your pharmacy to compete effectively, maximize margin, and win business.


Additional Resources:

Managed Healthcare Associates offers a comprehensive range of solutions and insights to help you achieve success as a long-term care pharmacy. Visit their website for more information.

NCPA LTC Division has business resources that present an overview of the LTC industry to help you explore potential expansion opportunities and decide if they are right for your business, including online resources, webinars, and programs. Visit their website for more information.


SoftWriters' free eGuide, What Prospective LTC Facilities Want to Hear From You, is full of information to support your efforts in marketing your pharmacy business to LTC facilities. Included are The Top 5 Services to Deliver to win new facility business.

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We were very small when we started at about 150 beds. The functionality of FrameworkLTC has allowed us to go to prospective customers and have the ability that pharmacies much larger than us can offer, so we’ve used that technology to really help grow our bed count and we see the same thing happening in the future.
— Greg P, Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of a combo shop pharmacy

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