Integrated software solutions communicate automatically, eliminating manual steps and enhancing customer service capabilities.

Compete Effectively

  • Provide concierge-level service by catering to the needs of every unique facility, wing and patient with our facility-centric software.

  • Enable facilities to check their drug prices, print bills, check on order statuses and process returns in accordance to your pre-defined rules.

  • Help your facilities by supplying reports relevant for daily operations and surveys.

  • Ensure all the medications that are scheduled to be delivered arrive accurately.

  • Say YES to interfacing questions with 90+ existing interfaces using just 2 interfacing products!

Grow Efficiently

  • Don’t touch refill and reorder prescriptions until they hit the production floor by automating order input for refills and reorders.

  • Allow your staff to lose sight of the 21+ various facility preferences per order because FrameworkLTC will apply those rules automatically, whether HOA per wing, medication packaging, copays or other pre-authorization criteria.

  • Monitor in real-time what is happening in the pharmacy with production, billing and inventory.

  • Record quality events in SoftWriters’ software as they happen, then report on them with ease.

  • Pass valuable information throughout the SoftWriters solutions to decrease human touchpoints and increase accuracy and efficiency within the pharmacy!

Maximize Margin

  • Separate billing from dispensing activity.

  • Know financially which contracts are your most profitable using a report that anyone within the pharmacy can generate.

  • Automate your controlled substance physician signature requests.

  • Automate outbound refill request authorizations.

  • Provide visibility into real-time operational, financial and billing metrics to all staff with quick data access.

The SoftWriters solutions work very well together. We don’t have to create a ton of patches to go here, there and everywhere. I think that’s been one of the biggest time savers for us - you want to go with one product and we’d highly recommend SoftWriters LTC solutions. It’s wonderful.
— MacKenzie Farr, COO and Pharmacist, Community Pharmacy Services, Inc.