Users of FrameworkPOD have this to say about the delivery solution:


Early users of FrameworkPOD have expressed their favorite feature is the fact that FrameworkLTC will ensure all of the medications scheduled for the delivery have successfully made it into the tote. The software solutions work together to then make sure the drivers don't leave without all of the proper totes for each facility stop on their assigned route. This allows for a more standard process to ensure your customers are getting the medications they ordered.


Drivers have been surprised at how easy FrameworkPOD is to use. Located on their own phone/device, or a device owned by the pharmacy, the app walks them through the entire route with special notes and reminders for each stop. FrameworkPOD can be used on both Android and iOS and is extremely intuitive. Minimal training is required!


Facility personnel love that they can look into FrameworkLink and see what time the drivers are expected to deliver the medications. This information is determined by real time analytics as to where the driver is located and how many remaining stops are on their route. This information is also provided at the Rx level in FrameworkLTC allowing pharmacy staff to quickly and easily answer any customer questions about a delivery.

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