Designed specifically for long term care pharmacies, FrameworkLTC pharmacy management software simplifies workflow and billing with a facility centric, rules-based design.


Compete effectively with software that enables you to:


Take advantage of LTC pharmacy software on a completely updated technology platform, delivering pharmacies a stable and robust environment.

Stay current with regulatory and market demands with our monthly software releases filled with new functionality to help you compete and win business.

Never lose sight of a prescription by displaying the real-time tracking dashboard for your production team to see.


Efficiently manage inventory and cost of goods, with insight into the true margin on each and every prescription dispensed. Learn more.

Scale from a single computer to a large network supporting hundreds of users.

FrameworkLTC is known, it’s value, SoftWriters is ahead of the game in everything they do.
— Michele Zerner, Assistant Director for LTC Pharmacy, Bergen Regional Medical Center

Transform and simplify pharmacy operations

Enable your staff to lose sight of the 21+ facility preferences per order because FrameworkLTC will apply those rules automatically, whether HOA per wing, medication packaging, copays or other pre-authorization criteria.