Looking for ways to help drive efficiencies and reduce phone calls for the facilities you service? 

Empower your facilities with pharmacy-specific information via FrameworkLink™. FrameworkLink enables real-time electronic communication for information retrieval and task automation with the facilities you serve.

FrameworkLink is NCPDP SCRIPT compliant.


Facility users do it all through the easy-to-use browser interface:


Complete pre-admission price quotes

Receive drug quotes from the pharmacy before submitting the order for dispensing

Follow-up with questions or concerns after a new admission

Update a resident's Medicare Part A plan status

Download pending billing charges to Excel


Process returns

Understand an orders' status without calling the pharmacy

Print management reports, medical records and forms

Check real-time status of a delivery using FrameworkLinks' full integration to FrameworkPOD

With FrameworkLink it is much easier for the customer to communicate with us on many different levels. Using the real-time communication tool cuts down on lengthy phone calls and increases response time.
— Josh Harrell, Chief Information Officer, Gayco Healthcare