Technology Storytellers at Pittsburgh TechFest 2019

This year’s focus was on encouraging the tech folks to tell a story of their journey of building innovative software solutions using all technology options at hand to solve real life problems. Listening to these stories was an amazing experience.

Some noteworthy topics that I personally liked were related to journey towards cloud architecture by moving from On premise to Cloud based solution, machine learning platform, improving quality by test automation and benefits of agile software development.

The Impact of Disruptive Technology

Shan Bhide, Vp of Technology, SoftWriters

Shan Bhide, Vp of Technology, SoftWriters


Our very own Shan Bhide, VP of Technology, was interviewed by ComputerTalk last month. He talked about how software development requires innovation and creativity, and the disruptive technologies that could transform pharmacy practice.

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Making software, in my mind, is more of an art than a science. It takes so many different things, like teamwork, collaboration, thinking outside the box, and creativity, to build an amazing software solution.
— Shan Bhide, VP of Technology at SoftWriters, in an interview with ComputerTalk's Maggie Lockwood