Independent LTC Pharmacies Get a New Voice in Washington, D.C.

SoftWriters is pleased to be a proud supporter of the new Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition (SCPC), an advocacy group for pharmacies serving seniors in skilled nursing centers.

By Heather Martin

For the LTC pharmacy owner, change is a daily reality that creates persistent risk. Pharmacists navigate a complex regulatory environment that can shift frequently with potential significant implications on their core business. At the same time, pharmacists are depended upon to provide consultative services and critical medications for patients with chronic, changing medical needs.

In the pharmacy software business, it’s important to keep a close watch on proposed regulations and build features that ensure compliance. At SoftWriters, we believe our solutions should not only meet but also exceed regulatory requirements to truly optimize the benefits of change for LTC pharmacies, facilities and patients.

That’s why SoftWriters is helping to sponsor the new Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition, an advocacy group comprised of independent long-term care (LTC) pharmacies and their business partners.

The group represents the legislative and regulatory interests of pharmacies serving seniors. Its’ initial focus is to develop and propose solutions in three areas adversely affecting reimbursement and patient care: maximum allowable cost (MAC) pricing, daily dispensing fees, and relationships with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Our leadership in similar groups, like the not-for-profit NCPDP, have provided the insights we needed to create integrated pharmacy management software solutions for LTC pharmacies that support:

  • Secure, two-way data transfer between LTC pharmacies and the facilities they serve
  • Improved accuracy, patient health outcomes and quality measures
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Transactional cost savings

We are pleased to be part of the LTC pharmacy community and look forward to serving alongside the nation’s leading pharmacies in addressing these and other issues critical to excellence in pharmacies, facilities, and patient care.

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If you’d like information about membership in the SCPC or additional information concerning the organization, please contact Alan Rosenbloom, President and CEO of the Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition, at (202) 466-4933 (direct dial – office), (717) 503-0516 (cell) or

Heather Martin is VP of sales and marketing at SoftWriters, a Pittsburgh-based company that offers pharmacy management software solutions to pharmacies serving the long-term care community. SoftWriters is a sponsor of the Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition (SCPC), an advocacy group comprised of LTC pharmacies and business partners that serve seniors. SoftWriters’ team of software developers and pharmacists also is represented on the Board of the NCPDP, the not-for-profit forum to develop industry standards that improve patient safety and health outcomes while decreasing costs.