Top 3 Benefits of Truly Integrated LTC Software

When your pharmacy management software solution isn't fully integrated with the facilities you serve, you lose vital financial and patient-care opportunities.

Regulatory changes have increased facilities’ focus on quality and accuracy. Yet, many pharmacies still use software that requires manual data entry and doesn’t integrate well with facilities’ systems. The result is an old-fashioned game of telephone that puts patient health, facility quality and potential revenue for your pharmacy at risk. Here’s what you get with a truly integrated pharmacy management software solution.

1. Accuracy.  Just as it goes with the school-age game of telephone, every data-entry point introduces new opportunities for error. If the facilities you serve transfer data on paper, and someone at the pharmacy must enter that data, your margin of error increases with each transaction.

Truly integrated software is bi-directional, allowing your pharmacy to send the facility updates on prescription changes, therapeutic interchanges and more. Your pharmacy staff can change the facility’s order electronically and synchronize the correction instantly with the facility’s system. Gone are the days of sending order update forms via fax and hoping facility records reflect necessary changes. This two-way, real-time sharing of information between pharmacy and facility minimizes data entry and ensures quality control. Both pharmacy and facility have the latest information in the system, all the time.

2. E-prescription cost savings. When the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) lifted LTC’s exemption from its e-prescribing rule on Nov. 1, many pharmacists regarded the change as cumbersome and costly. Those previously using HL7 integrations to transfer prescription data with limited ongoing costs remain particularly concerned about the rule. Retail pharmacists, who now receive over 70% of their prescriptions electronically, share that even though transaction fees apply, e-prescriptions lower costs by cutting staff time to interpret, transcribe and process paper prescriptions.

Truly integrated LTC software can eliminate your reliance on a third-party network and facilitate direct communication with prescribers at the facility. With e-prescribing, your pharmacy saves labor costs and improves accuracy. With true integration, you spend dimes to save dollars.

3. Competitive edge. Increasingly, facilities and third-party payers are looking to partner with pharmacies that can help them improve quality measures and patient outcomes. True integration ensures your pharmacy management software solution supports real-time patient and medication data, reduces the complexity of regulatory compliance and avoids errors in the prescribing and dispensing process. Your ability to facilitate communication and connectivity makes your pharmacy more likely to attract new partners and grow revenue.

To learn more about how your pharmacy can improve accuracy and introduce a competitive edge with a truly integrated LTC pharmacy management software solution, contact SoftWriters today.