FrameworkLTC Renews Certification with E-Prescribing Solutions Provider, Surescripts

SoftWriters is pleased to share that we’ve successfully completed the Surescripts certification process for FrameworkLTC, officially renewing our certification effective August, 27th, 2019. This significant achievement validates that FrameworkLTC is able to successfully send and receive electronic messages in accordance with the new NCPDP 2017071 SCRIPT  standard that is effective Jan 01, 2020.


What is the Surescripts certification?

Given the complex nature of the long-term care pharmacy ecosystem, it is critical that the proper checks and balances are put in place to ensure vendors are maintaining operational efficacy, accuracy, and efficiency across the network. As such, the Surescripts certification process was created to validate how software vendors, like SoftWriters, are formatting messages and workflows within the electronic prescribing environment.


To qualify for this certification, Surescripts provides documentation and testing tools for each eligible software vendor and conducts a thorough investigation to ensure all requirements are met. These requirements are outlined in accordance with Surescripts’ Implementation Guides and outlines that each software vendors must modify/build the electronic prescribing application in to meet these conditions.


What does this mean for FrameworkLTC?

FrameworkLTC interfaces with Surescripts for standard electronic prescription transactions, including NewRx, RefillRequest, etc, to allow clinicians to securely e-prescribe within their existing workflows. In order for FrameworkLTC to be able to meet the challenge of enabling NCPDP 2017071 SCRIPT standard, FrameworkLTC now has a purpose-built functionality to support the e-prescription messages in the new format. This certification allows the SoftWriters customers to continue to use FrameworkLTC with Surescripts for electronic prescription transactions.


For more information on the Surescripts certification process or to review an official copy of the renewed certificate, please visit the Customer Engagement Zone.