FrameworkFlow Mobile

FrameworkFlow is your connection to the power of FrameworkLTC, anywhere in the pharmacy. This hand-held barcode scanner technology helps you to increase efficiency and eliminate dispensing errors even when you are not in front of your FrameworkLTC workstation.


FrameworkFlow leverages Microsoft Windows CE and Embedded Operating system technology. Microsoft has announced the end of support for their Windows CE and Embedded Operating system technology by 2019. This necessitates FrameworkFlow to leverage alternative solutions. 

SoftWriters plans to build and release a FrameworkFlow mobile application that can be run on both iOS and Android operating systems. SoftWriters has published a FAQ document related to these plans. This document is available to our customers on the Customer Engagement Zone under Download > Documentation. It can be accessed using this link

SPOILER ALERT: Register now for the 11th Annual FrameworkLTC User Conference, September 17-19 at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, to know more about FrameworkFlow-Mobile and see it in LIVE action!