Custom Medical Records & Labels Win Business

by Greg Clarke

I often receive a phone call from our existing FrameworkLTC pharmacy customers when they are bidding for a new long-term care facility, assisted living home or other type of institutional facility.

They reach out to the Forms and Labels team and tell us that they need to produce a medical record or label to be awarded a contract with this new facility.

The pharmacy will have obtained a sample prescription label, physician’s order form, or other type or medical record from the Director of Nursing (DON) or an administrator of the prospective facility.

This new facility’s label or form might have a picture of the drug image or patient/resident. Or it may be that the particular nursing home needs to have the brand name of the drug print whenever a generic drug is dispensed.

FrameworkLTC has the capability to print the patient picture, your pharmacy logo, and other requested variables on labels and medical records.

I have outlined the steps below. See attached or contact the SoftWriters Support for further assistance.

Printing the patient picture is simple:

  1. Locate a format on SoftWriters Customer Engagement Zone (CEZ) that supports the ‘Prints Patient Image’ attribute.  

  2. Create a ‘Shared folder for OLE Document storage’ under the FrameworkLTC system options.

  3. Import, scan or paste the patient’s picture on the ‘Other Info’ tab of the ‘Patient Setup’ screen in FrameworkLTC.

Printing the pharmacy logo is simple:

  1. Locate a format on the Customer Engagement Zone (CEZ) that supports the “Prints the Pharmacy Logo” attribute.

  2. Rename your logo ‘logo.jpg’ and save it to this location ‘C:\Program Files x86)\SoftWriters\FrameworkLTC’

  3. Select the format ID # on the Report Formats tab of the Facility Setup screen and print.

Including the brand name drug for generic dispenses:

Whenever a drug substitution occurs on a prescription, FrameworkLTC can be configured to store the originally written drug on the prescription. Specific formats will include the original drug written on the order. For example, when a GENERIC drug is dispensed, the DISP FOR: TRADEMARK NAME or SUB FOR: TRADEMARK NAME can print on the label or medical record.

Once you’ve configured the appropriate settings, print a few samples with your logo, patient picture, or other requested information, and go wow that facility with your ability to customize medical records and labels!

Contact the Forms & Labels Team if you’d like label or medical record samples.


Greg Clarke is the Marketing Specialist at SoftWriters, a Pittsburgh-based company that offers pharmacy management software solutions to pharmacies serving the long-term care community. A team member since 2002, Greg has worn many hats in his tenure at SoftWriters, starting with support and training. Greg currently works with the Forms & Labels and Implementation teams to determine the proper medical records, labels and hardware best suited for each pharmacy’s unique workflow. He works closely with customers to design and develop options to meet the ever changing regulations and demands of the long-term care community. Greg also assists with company marketing, user conference, and trade show logistics. Greg enjoys time with his family, music, mountain biking, ice hockey, and kayaking.