Technology Track Panel Presentations at MHA Biz Summit 2019

by Shan Bhide

At the recently concluded 16th Annual MHA Business Summit, a newly added track attracted large interest and active attendance from the Business Summit participants. In the Industry Partner Technology Track, four back-to-back sessions were presented by leaders from wide variety of tech solution providers and LTC customers.

These sessions were jointly moderated by myself, Shan Bhide of SoftWriters, and Tillman Johnson from MHA. Each session had a full house, with attendees standing in the back of the room to get a rare look at viewpoints being brought forward by leaders of the technology solution providers to the LTC pharmacies. 

Here is a quick look at the sessions offered, the panelists, and the information discussed.

Advances in E-HR/E-MAR Solutions to Enhance Improved Patients Outcomes in LTC

This panel highlighted the benefits of long-term care pharmacies integrating their LTC Operating System Software with E-HR and E-MAR solutions. As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly digitized, long-term care pharmacies need to identify strategies to leverage their present technology options to compete in the new digital age of healthcare. Click here to read the key takeaways from this session.


Optimization of Medication Management and Drug Dispensing Methods Using Advances in Intelligent Automation in the LTC Continuum

This panel discussed the newest technology trends in medication management and drug dispensing methods. The discussion was focused on ways that long-term care pharmacies can utilize these methods to help them grow their bottom line while differentiating themselves from the competition.


Current Trends and Benefits in Packaging System Integration with LTC Pharmacy Operations

was the theme of the third session of the track with following presenters…

This panel discussed the best ways for long-term care pharmacies to optimize packaging system integration with long-term care pharmacy operations. The saying of doing more with less applies to all businesses and as margins continue to be compressed LTC pharmacies need to focus on improved efficiencies. This panel discussion centered on different ways that long-term care pharmacies need to understand how packaging system integration can help them grow their businesses.


Enhancements to LTC Pharmacy Operations and Workflows Using Optimized Ecosystem 

This panel discussed and presented their thoughts on how to create an efficient technology ecosystem to assist with growing LTC Pharmacy margins and achieving higher levels of compliance. The creation of the ecosystem requires an understanding of the available technology stack, how to implement the technology, and how full integration can maximize your long-term care pharmacy business potential.


Each of the panel discussion sessions started with a brief introduction of the panel followed by a high-level overview of their respective solution sets. Moderators Shan and Tillman took turns in keeping the flow of the discussion going with well researched questions that brought salient benefits related to the selection of the right technology and the solution provider; preparation related to implementation and post implementation readiness; and the lessons learned/success stories from previous implementations. By actively participating asking questions, the audience was seen keenly interested in knowing additional details like ROI and tangible/soft benefits that these tech solutions offer, ultimately making the LTC pharmacies more efficient and profitable.

Shan Bhide is the Vice President of Technology at SoftWriters, a Pittsburgh-based company that offers pharmacy management software solutions to pharmacies serving the long-term care community. As a passionate change promoter and thought leader in technology, Shan has more than 20 years of experience delivering successful software products and solutions in enterprise space to a broad range of customers.