5 Ways FrameworkECM Can Help Lighten Staff Workload

FrameworkECM can ease the burden of summer schedules and PTO by eliminating manual touches in your current workflow.

Easily configured to meet your specific needs and easy to learn with a simple user interface, your staff will be enjoying these time-saving benefits in no time:

  1. Instant access to all content through multiple powerful search points means anyone can quickly locate an order or content

  2. A pre-defined organized and systematic workflow means the same process will be followed no matter the staff on hand

  3. Minimal effort from staff is required to move work through the order entry process

  4. Automatic prioritization allows your regular team to take a break. Their coverage will still be able to get orders out to be filled and deliveries will leave on time

  5. Alerts on time sensitive items allow for passive, not active, management by the staff

Hear how one pharmacy was able to re-allocate team members due to the efficiencies gained from converting to FrameworkECM!