MHA and SoftWriters Announce New Initiative to Deliver Best-in-Class Solutions and Help Long-Term Care Pharmacies Succeed


September 6, 2018 (Florham Park, NJ): Managed Health Care Associates, Inc . (MHA) and SoftWriters, operating as part of MHA since 2015, continue aligning efforts to deliver excellent value and enable the success of our Members and Customers, and today announce this key strategic step:

Going forward, SoftWriters, which develops innovative pharmacy management software solutions for long-term care pharmacies, will be responsible for the support, delivery and further development of RxPertise, the acclaimed Medication Regimen Review (MRR) software application for consultant pharmacists specializing in long-term care. This combination of best-in-class solutions and industry-leading expertise is designed to align and strengthen our software offering with the emphasis on how MHA and SoftWriters can help long-term care pharmacies compete, be more efficient, and reduce costs.

Michael J. Sicilian, MHA President, comments, "When we made the decision to have SoftWriters become part of MHA's strategic long-term care pharmacy offering, it was front of mind to not only build best in class integrated offerings but to also recognize that some of our members are utilizing RxPertise through other pharmacy operating systems. Our ultimate goal is to demonstrate that the integrated offering of SoftWriters and RxPertise provides tremendous value longer term, while still supporting a stand-alone version of RxPertise for those utilizing other pharmacy operating systems."

Tim Tannert, RPh, President, SoftWriters, adds, "RxPertise is a great fit with our strategic initiatives. We are committed to the long-term care pharmacy space and to enabling our customers as well as customers who use other pharmacy operating systems with the tools they need to compete while making operations more efficient. Supporting RxPertise also makes for a great example of our collaboration to integrate and leverage our software solutions for the market."