A Summer Intern's Experience At SoftWriters

Nick Hutchison, SoftWriters

by Nick Hutchison, SoftWriters Software Engineer Intern, Summer 2018         

   Trying to get a good internship is tough. You have to find a company with a mission you agree with, that is willing to teach you while also giving you things to do that are going to let you grow as a programmer. Luckily, I was able to work with Softwriters Inc., who have given me an internship that most only could dream of. I have enjoyed both summers I spent interning at SoftWriters, and this summer has given me more experience than I could have ever gotten as a student.

            The biggest advantage of working at SoftWriters was the freedom I was afforded. I was given an opportunity at the start of the summer to choose what I was working on and start outlining ideas for projects that I could develop. About midway through the summer, Pranav and I started on a web development project in React that allowed us to take on a technology that is new and exciting in our industry. The project was very freeform with our mentor Marc giving us direction, and us going from there to build a website. I mostly worked on the backend APIs, but I also got exposure to the framework of React + Redux and other tools like Jest and Sequelize. I was able to put my database and web design knowledge to use with this project, and doing it in a completely different language and environment to last summer helped me understand so much more about the modern web.

            This internship also gave me an opportunity to use technologies that I had learned about in my prior experience to develop software that the company may not have considered before. For example, at one point in the summer I was working on a project that required a lot of tedious translations of code from one file to another, with very little conscious thought required. I eventually got permission to write a Python script that would do the work of scraping the code and translating to another language, and with its help I sped up the process by hours. Working on a small project like this was incredibly rewarding for me, and I was excited that I was able to work this kind of innovation into my every day.

            Not only has working on these projects been interesting, but the principals involved are going to be useful to me as I move into other projects in school and beyond. I was able to use knowledge gained at SoftWriters already in my school career, as my small experience with WPF programming helped me build my Algorithms final project with no guidance from our teacher on the language. I used what I knew about C# to pick it as an optimal language for our project, and was able to develop an entire project after working with the technology at SoftWriters. Now, with a huge amount of JavaScript, React and REST knowledge from this summer, I feel that I will be prepared for the rest of my college career and beyond, especially for the purposes of my senior design project and web design courses. Overall, this internship has been incredibly helpful to me as a coder and as a person, and I am so grateful to the team at SoftWriters for guiding me through these years and preparing me for the rest of my career.


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