Engage with Your Facilities: Mega Rule & Antibiotic Stewardship

While an extension has been placed around the enforcement remedies for certain Phase 2 Mega Rule and Antibiotic Stewardship requirements from CMS [Nov 2019], it is still necessary to be working towards compliance on these items. 

As a pharmacy utilizing FrameworkLTC, you have software functionality designed specifically for these new requirements.

FrameworkLTC enables you to:

  • Limit PRN orders to 14 days for psychotropic drugs
  • Monitor antibiotics at the nursing station level
  • Report on antibiotic usage by facility


The requirements also need to be incorporated into the skilled nursing facility workflow.

We encourage you to meet with your facilities soon to discuss the requirements, the potential changes to their daily process, and how you can assist with compliance.


We've put together a quick one-pager you can take to each SNF you service to help start this conversation. You are encouraged to add your pharmacy contact information to this document and leave it with your facility contacts.