Save Time and Add Consistency with FrameworkECM Workflows

FrameworkECM offers many benefits to your pharmacy, including the ability to create workflows to save your staff time and provide consistency across your organization.


Automate Workflow with FrameworkECM.png

Workflows in FrameworkECM are automated rules that are triggered either automatically by some system event or manually by the user.


Benefits of Creating Workflows

  • Add automation to save time

  • Eliminate repetitive decision making

  • Create standard processes for all users

  • Reduce inconsistency and errors

  • All content can follow the same process

  • Customize pharmacy software to follow pharmacy business processes


Building Workflows

FrameworkECM has a simple drag and drop workflow designer that can be used by anyone with access (depending on their user role). Workflows are created at the folder level, providing the most flexibility to match your specific processes. Once built, workflows can be copied to multiple folders.

Workflows can be absolute, where they apply to everything, or conditional, meaning they’re only triggered if the document meets the set criteria for the action to occur.

Conditional workflow example: Move a document that enters my Triage Folder to the Order Entry Folder IF it is an ERx.


Here are a few Folder Workflow examples:

If the Document is an ERx, move to:

  • NEWRX --> Order Entry
  • CANRX --> Order Entry
  • RESUPP --> Resupply

If Document is a Control:

  • Add a Stamp
  • Print Document

Execute a task when a timer goes off

  • Resend the Last Fax, after 3 Days 
  • Place a timer on a Clarification Folder to move documents that have been on hold back into Order Entry for follow up


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