Meet SoftWriters' Team Member Dallas Delposen


Dallas, how would you describe your role at SoftWriters?

My title is Customer Support Call Coordinator. My first priority is to receive, document and distribute any calls that come my way. I also handle the preparation and creation of the update disc packages that are sent out via mail. Between both of those duties I am always on the move which is never a bad thing as the days go by fast.

What is your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part of the job would definitely be speaking to the wide variety of personalities at each pharmacy. After being here almost 3 years now I can absolutely say I’ve never had a “dull” day. Everyone I speak to is always so kind and pleasant even though the issues they have are often critical.

What is a fun fact you would like to share with our customers?

A quick fun fact for me would be that I served in the United States Navy for 8 years. I was stationed in Norfolk Virginia and Lemoore California. One of my previous supervisors now does work with the Blue Angels. 

Dallas is a rockstar who is very appreciated by customers:

“I enjoy speaking with all the customer service, however Dallas has a wonderful personality that I really like working with and he always goes the extra mile. Thank you”

“Shout out to Dallas. He always answers the phone and gets me to the right person.”

“Dallas is great! Always so helpful and upbeat.”