How Will Emerging Technology Trends Transform Long Term Care?

Long term care as we know has evolved tremendously over the last couple of decades. Technology advances have initiated a business transformation in the LTC industry for the better. Many pharmacies are leveraging emerging technology advances to improve efficiency, increase margins and be profitable in today’s competitive environment.

Tim Tannert, R.Ph. (COO) and Shan Bhide (Vice President of Technology), along with Brian Dunar (Product Manager) and Brendon Gonzalez (Sr Software Engineer) recently presented some bold and exciting technology predictions that are likely to accelerate the digital transformation across the LTC industry at the 15th Annual MHA Business Summit. Here is a quick recap of their presentation, though we highly recommend you watch the highlight reel to see the live demonstrations for yourself!


The Last 15 Years

To give a perspective on the potential that change has on the next 15 years, think back to the LTC pharmacy advances made in the past 15 years:

  • 15 years ago we had paper processes
  • Paper records began to evolve into digital records
  • Robotic dispensing technologies were introduced
  • iTunes changed the way we acquire and consume music
  • Smart phones have revolutionized life as we know it
  • ePrescribing became a reality
  • Population management used to assign medication regimens


So Where Are We Going?

The digitization of data will lead to insights that will continue to drive the automation of tasks, and the automation of manual tasks will continue to shift from manual to cognitive. (Think of IBM’s Watson effectively beating it’s human competitors in Jeopardy.)

Our goal at SoftWriters is to help break down the silos within long term care pharmacy, to take everything we’ve done in the past 15 years and build one uniform, clinical platform that will help revolutionize the value of clinical information across your entire organization and what it means for the facilities and patients you service.


Gaze Into The Future

Looking down the road, there are four trends we find are worth examining. Be sure to watch the video for live demonstrations of potential solutions to these challenges!

  • Clinical Platform – How do we break silos to get people and data together so intelligent decisions can be made to help LTC pharmacy in particular and healthcare in general

  • Cognitive Automation – How can that decision making help us in improving the predictive part of the data and the decisions that come from it?
  • Personalized Medicine - Our music is personalized, so why not our medicine?
  • Follow the Patient - Patients move along all the time, so how can we follow the patient and allow software to deliver personalized medications wherever they are?
    • Seriously, watch the video!


LTC Pharmacy business has evolved a long way in adopting technology in past 15 years. However, newer technology innovations are going to drive the efficiency gains of future. These diverse technologies need the ability to link and adapt using the inter connects provided by the solution providers. In fact, the future solutions that are able to offer these inter connections are going to survive and thrive in tackling challenges in LTC pharmacy business.

You will see in the video that we have demonstrated the power of our software architecture to allow FrameworkLTC pharmacies to interface, inter connect and collaborate within and across the healthcare domain. This will allow LTC pharmacies to drive their organizational and business objectives of competing effectively, maximizing margins and growing efficiently!