Building Forms in FrameworkECM


Did you know that in addition to accepting all content types for storing and processing, FrameworkECM also accepts forms in various formats? With Word-based and PDF-based forms as options, you get to decide which tool is best for your pharmacy. Both options are equally viable, so here are advantages for both:

Word-based Forms

  1. Can be created using any software that can create a .docx file, including Microsoft Word, Open Office, and Libre Office.
  2. Fields are created on a form by simply surrounding them in square brackets, which can immediately be picked up and mapped in FWECM when the form is set up. i.e., [Patient Name].
  3. Anyone with basic knowledge of how to use a word processor can create or edit this type of form.

PDF-based Forms

  1. Existing forms from other systems can be used with little to no edits.
  2. FrameworkECM has the option for these to be filled out interactively, which means you can type directly into the form before you create it.
  3. If you're good at creating PDFs, you can make some very awesome looking forms.