In 2018, let SoftWriters help train your pharmacy team!

The New Year is the perfect time to take a holistic view of your current pharmacy operations and your goals for 2018. Do they align nicely, or are there areas that could be fine-tuned?

It may be that your team would benefit from implementing a new process to efficiently incorporate the new area of business you plan to obtain.


Your pharmacy’s FrameworkLTC and/or FrameworkECM setup may be part of that process improvement.

SoftWriters has assembled an all-star team of Consultants, Implementation Specialists, and Trainers in order to help you meet your operational goal.

Our skillful trainers can educate your staff on new functionality the pharmacy plans or wishes to implement, review current pharmacy pain points, or work with new hires in learning the application.

SWI Application Trainers are subject matter experts on our entire product suite and can offer valuable information and feedback for the pharmacy.

SoftWriters offers many different training session opportunities.

We can schedule a remote training webinar, travel onsite to the pharmacy, or have key pharmacy team members travel to our SoftWriters office for additional education.

For additional information or if you would like to schedule training, please contact our Training Manager, Dustin Harbison at 412-492-9841 ext. 126 or