Upgraded Technology for FrameworkLTC Pharmacies

The technology platform of your pharmacy software is critical to your pharmacy’s ability to perform and interface with the rest of the market.

SoftWriters is excited to roll out long-term care pharmacy software that is built on the absolute latest technology platform. By utilizing the newest technologies and completely re-architecting the way our solutions work, SoftWriters is able to go beyond interfacing products to truly integrate them to act as one solution for you. This upgrade ensures all customers have the best pharmacy software and integration capabilities:

  • Working smarter: configuration, set-up information and data in one system can be used across the entire solution set
  • Integrated business logic provides quality checks not available on separate systems
  • Existing functionality is maintained, meaning no new training required
  • Improved workflow with integrated data management
  • FrameworkLTC 4.0 is now 92% code complete
 “The technologies SoftWriters uses are sound, which is really important when building a company like ours.” – Philip Boyd, President, Southern Pharmaceutical Services

What This Means For Existing FrameworkLTC Pharmacies

This complex, multiyear investment in a modern platform is available to all pharmacies on FrameworkLTC as part of your current support contract. There is no additional charge for this upgrade. And the core features, functionality and behaviors of FrameworkLTC remain, thus preserving the investment that you have made in training your staff. Moving to a new and improved technology stack provides you with a more stable, secure, and efficient environment with newer tools at your disposal.

FrameworkLTC 4.0 Features

  • Enables the FrameworkLTC solution set to be fully integrated with seamless sharing of data: configuration, setup and data in one system can be utilized across the solution set
  • Integrated business logic provides unprecedented quality checks only available amongst the SoftWriters solutions
  • Customizable windows and toolbars at the user level, so navigation can be configured based on user workflow
  • Preserved functionality allows you take advantage of the newer technologies with no negative effects to staff productivity – every keystroke and every hot key is the same!
  • Additional logging capabilities for better audits
  • Improved search functionality with additional sorting and filter options
  • Exportable reports into Excel, PDF and Word via Microsoft Sequel Server reporting

SoftWriters, an MHA company, develops innovative pharmacy management and ancillary software solutions designed to support the growth and operational efficiencies of closed door pharmacies. From order intake through delivery, SoftWriters’ complete suite of fully-integrated, scalable solutions eliminate manual steps and enhance customer service capabilities for operators.