Enhanced Customer Support


SoftWriters has recently made some changes aimed at improving customer experience, providing better customer service and support. Our extended support hours, focus on offering great support, and organizational changes will help us better respond to our customers. We are excited to share the following:

  • Customer Support weekday hours are now 8:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST.
    Our normal on-call procedures remaining intact for off-hours and weekends.
  • Our response times remain consistently below 40 seconds. We will continue to monitor our response times and support surveys to ensure we continue to deliver the service level you expect. Please complete and respond to our support surveys so we can continue to improve!
  • We are happy to introduce our new dedicated resources for Product Support & Training and Customer Experience! Our Director of Product Support, Training, and IT, Josh Lamont, will manage the existing support and training teams and help us quickly solve your technical challenges, while the Director of Customer Experience, Jackie Maitland, will provide a more streamlined process to allow our customers to voice concerns, ask questions and provide feedback. We have also added resources to our Product Management team to continue our focus on empowering customers with the tools and services you need to win in the marketplace.
“Your technicians are friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. It is a joy to work out solutions with them. I appreciate the extra steps to resolve any and all issues.” – Josh
Rob was excellent. He even followed-up later to confirm the fix we did on our server worked. Excellent!” – Amy
“This was our 1st experience with the later support hours. I sent the email thinking I wouldn’t hear back until morning, but Dawn answered right away. I was able to get that info to our IT who was able to address the problem before the end of the night. Awesome! Love the new hours!” – Steve

For more on our support process, please contact Josh Lamont, Director of Product Support and Training at 412.492.9841, ext 315.