Implementation Tips from a Trainer

Don’t Fear the Process

Outside of your pharmacy management software, most solutions are fairly easy to implement. Typically solutions that compliment or supplement your core technology, such as FrameworkECM and FrameworkPOD, are far simpler, more intuitive to configure, and require fewer staff members to learn than others. Most often these solutions can be implemented, with staff fully trained, in a matter of days. However, something as robust as your pharmacy management software should be viewed as a process, spanning a significant amount of time and functions, to ensure proper configuration and ample learning opportunities prior to completion.


As a trainer, I often find the most successful go lives are the ones where the leadership teams are highly involved from the moment the project is green-lighted. The pharmacy management team’s participation during implementation helps set the tone for the onsite training and go live process. Attitudes are contagious so staying positive throughout the entire process and welcoming the change will give your staff added confidence in the transition.


A valuable exercise prior to implementing a new solution is to reflect on current processes and workflows. This is a great time to take the pulse of your pharmacy to identify areas of opportunity that you want to incorporate both into your pharmacy workflow via the new technology as well as overall staff training.

Your ability to understand and communicate your current, as well as desired, workflow to your trainer will make a big impact on your entire experience. With that knowledge we can provide a detailed and more personalized explanation of product functionality including any tips and tricks that may be helpful for your specific pharmacy, including customized setup and design.


Communication is key for a successful go live. As a trainer, I have seen pharmacies succeed and pharmacies flop over this very simple concept. The most successful pharmacies communicate with their staff and all members of the pharmacy team (IT, drivers, facilities, physicians, etc.) prior to going live with a new solution. Provide your staff with background information on the process, answer all of their questions, and take the time to explain how their daily routines will benefit by incorporating the new solution.

  • The who – Who will be affected by the change?
  • The why – Why the pharmacy decided to make a change?
  • The how – How will the pharmacy go about implementing the changes?

In preparation for go live day, hold a brief all-hands meeting to discuss details of the go live process and change. There are a lot of moving parts to a go live. Clearly explain the hustle and bustle of an application go live to set everyone’s expectations for the day/week. Open communication allows everyone to feel involved and included on the process.


Maintenance Training

As a trainer, my recommendation is to get your staff up and running on the new solution and give yourself a calendar reminder every six months to take a step back and take the pulse of your pharmacy again. Is everything running smoothly? Has a good cadence been established with both staff and technology? Great! Do you have new team members on board who could use a little one-on-one training in their particular function area, or anew facility coming on board that will require implementing new processes?

Stay open to the idea of continual training with your pharmacy technologies. Not only do things change within your own business, but SoftWriters is constantly updating our solutions with new functionality to help you stay competitive and win business. Creating a learning culture within the pharmacy allows for the pharmacy staff and users to feel more comfortable and engaged throughout their workday, and helps ensure you are getting the most from your pharmacy technologies.

The ongoing training process for employees can be adapted to meet your specific needs. SoftWriters offers onsite training, remote training webinars, free monthly webinars, and an annual user conference. Your team can join us every month for release notes webinars for both FrameworkLTC and FrameworkECM and a new monthly training webinar with rotating topics. These monthly webinars are an excellent opportunity for a few key staff members to attend to learn about new product features and enhancements. More information regarding these webinars can be found on the Customer Engagement Zone under SUPPORT > WEBINARS.

For additional information or if you would like to schedule a training, please contact Lisa Ready (412.492.9841 x594).

Courtney Hetler-Findlay is a FrameworkECM Application Trainer at SoftWriters, a Pittsburgh-based company that offers pharmacy management software solutions to pharmacies serving the long-term care community. Courtney works with FrameworkECM pharmacies to bring them up to speed quickly and provide ongoing training support to pharmacy teams.