Managing Electronic Authorizations to Fill

Use the automated workflow functionality in FrameworkECM to ping prescribers for authorization and controlled substance compliance.


Many prescribers are becoming fax adverse if e-prescribing is their primary method for sending orders to pharmacy. FrameworkECM enables pharmacies to communicate electronically, with alerts to help passively monitor responses and automatically request updates to stay in compliance. Users can electronically submit authorizations for reorders. When the prescriber responds, FrameworkLTC can be set up to add the fills contained in the response without any user intervention. FrameworkECM will automatically create the ‘Refill Request Response’ document as well for audit and workflow.

Pharmacies with FrameworkECM have experienced the dramatic impact the system has on workflow and time when it comes to controlled substance compliance. Kyle Simmons had this to say about FrameworkECM’s ability to automatically reconcile receipt of physicians’ signatures for CII’s. “The timing of the FrameworkECM rollout was impeccable with the Hydrocodone status lifted to a CII. I don’t know how we would track and reconcile CII hard scripts without FrameworkECM. “