Meet SoftWriters' Team Member Kathy Campbell


Kathy, how would you describe your role at SoftWriters?
My title is Application Support Analyst Team Lead. My days go so quickly because I spend most of the time helping coworkers and customers learn our software and troubleshoot issues. I enjoy the challenge and the fact that I learn something new about our software or the pharmaceutical industry every day – even after five years in Support.

What is your favorite part of the job?
My favorite part of the job is that you are never bored here – ever. This software can do so many things. I can help with a billing question one minute, then turn around and help another colleague figure out a complex SQL query to help a pharmacy identify issues the next. I joke to my friends that this job is helping me ward off early onset dementia since I’m always exercising my brain.

What is your favorite functionality in the SoftWriters solution set?
I have been working with some new hires lately and I really love to see it when I show them something in the software that gives them the “WOW” factor. For example, I will show them how to go through Rx entry, enter a quantity, enter a days supply and the number of times per day to take the medication. Then I show them how to write a SIG code that fills out all of that for them and almost always I hear the “oh wow” response. When I train new hires and we go through each screen it really gives me an appreciation of how much this software is capable of.

What do you do for fun?
I love spending time with my son. I actually took this job so I could spend more time with him and it has really worked out. I went from driving 45 minutes two times a day in traffic to working at SoftWriters which is an easy 10 minute commute, and I really enjoy my job!