Using Barcodes to Direct Documents in FrameworkECM

by Courtney Hetler-Findlay

FrameworkECM™ provides many benefits to pharmacies while
managing all content electronically through one unified solution. Through the use of configuration, pharmacies can tailor FrameworkECM to their own unique pharmacy process and business practice. With the use of automation and workflows, FrameworkECM can streamline the pharmacy’s everyday tasks.

Move documents via automated workflow

There are several ways to automatically move documents within FrameworkECM. Many pharmacies build automated workflows based on the type of document received to bypass their Inbounding or Triage folder and move directly into an Order Entry folder or work queue. Some pharmacies may build a workflow based on where the document came from or how it was inbounded into FrameworkECM. However, did you ever consider adding automation to forms the pharmacy sends outbound or from FrameworkECM?

Direct documents via barcoded forms

A larger part of the pharmacy business is pharmacy communication; communication with the facility, with the physician, or even with the patient’s insurance provider. Many pharmacies have created their own specific forms regarding such communication or specific subject matters. They use these forms to fax out of FrameworkECM. If the pharmacy were to consider creating a barcode and adding the barcode to their form template, the pharmacy could then write a rule for this barcode. Upon return of the barcoded form, FrameworkECM will read the barcode and follow the barcode rule accordingly. That rule may include routing the document to a specific folder or department. With the help of this auto-triage functionality, the pharmacy can be more efficient and productive.

Learn more

For more information on creating FrameworkECM form templates, adding barcodes to your pharmacy forms, or creating barcode rules, please contact Lisa Ready (412.492.9841 x594) to schedule a web training.

Courtney Hetler-Findlay is a FrameworkECM Application Trainer at SoftWriters, a Pittsburgh-based company that offers pharmacy management software solutions to pharmacies serving the long-term care community. Courtney works with FrameworkECM pharmacies to bring them up to speed quickly and provide ongoing training support to pharmacy teams.