6 Ways FrameworkECM™ Helps to Ease The Burden of Audits

Audits are costly and happening at an increased rate. They commonly occur 12x’s or more each year, requiring your team to spend countless hours sorting through and organizing paperwork. Costs skyrocket when one singular piece of documentation is missing. As stated in the Drug Store News article, Worry-Free Medicare Audits, “Strategic time and resource management is essential for front-end compliance. As such, pharmacies are increasingly leveraging partners to enable accurate and efficient documentation processes and achieve a worry-free audit.” With FrameworkECM content management solution, one staff member could respond to an entire audit in a matter of hours.

Here are 6 ways you can ease the burden of audits with FrameworkECM:

  1. Drastically reduce paper floating around the pharmacy. Instead of moving from fax to basket to production to scanner or filing cabinet, direct all content to FrameworkECM where it can be viewed, sent, stored and retrieved at the click of a button!
  2. Eliminate fax failure with cloud solutions that may be cheaper than toner and paper.
  3. Allow more than one person at a time to view a document sent to the pharmacy.
  4. Retrieve the original physician order, refill authorization, proof of delivery slip and more for any prescription in seconds.
  5. Search by Rx number, date range, order type, arrival time, fax or e-Rx, insurance plan and more.
  6. Direct all documents to an audit folder on a desktop for easy viewing and/or printing for the auditor.

These same features allow pharmacies to provide enhanced customer service too. As Hartig Pharmacy notes, “When it comes to document retrieval, FrameworkECM has been a fantastic time saver as we can instantly pull up a document while having the nurse who is questioning the order on the phone! There is no more having to call them back and sifting through files looking for past orders.

FrameworkECM is SoftWriters’ electronic content management system designed to manage all orders, including fax, phone and electronic, through a singular process with configurable automated workflow and alerts. Fully integrated with pharmacy management solution FrameworkLTC, FrameworkECM unifies workflow for faxes, phone orders and ePrescribing, automates workflow tasks and stores all types of digital content, including PDF documents, voicemail wav files, Microsoft documents and more.