Quality First!: Known Issues and Limitations (KIL) Document


by Shan Bhide

At SoftWriters Inc., we develop innovative pharmacy management and ancillary software solutions designed specifically for LTC pharmacies. 

From order intake through delivery, FrameworkLTC suite of fully-integrated, scalable products eliminate manual steps and enhance customer service capabilities for our operators.

In this process, it is estimated that over a million patients rely on FrameworkLTC solutions for their long term care pharmacy needs.

Our team works diligently to provide industry leading innovative software to help service these patients. Obviously, we understand that the need for quality and predictable performance is absolutely critical.


More often than not, the software development process is an art rather than a science. Recent advances in the software development life cycle (SDLC) frameworks like Agile, LEAN, TDD (Test Driven Development) etc have helped in making the software delivery more efficient, robust and scalable.


However, inadvertent and undesired behaviors and errors are noticed in the software from time to time. A reliable and repeatable quality assurance process identifies and corrects errors prior to release. Some times undesired behaviors are noticed or reported after a software version is released and put in production at customer site.

In an ongoing effort to be proactive, transparent and forthcoming with errors, observations, issues and limitations related to FrameworkLTC software suite, SoftWriters has started publishing  Known Issues and Limitations document  (KIL) on the Customer Engagement Zone.


These KIL documents for the FrameworkLTC suite of products are available on Customer Engagement Zone under the menu path, Downloads > Known Issues and Limitations.


The KIL documents are reviewed and updated on a regular basis by triaging the internal and external feedback and customer support incidents.


They are living documents of top-level known issues, limitations and known workarounds, if any.  

Our customers can review this information from time to time to be aware of the known issues and limitations. It should help in making informed decisions related to planning of the software upgrades, migration, and deployment of production systems.


The ability to understand and mitigate the potential issues related to scheduled software upgrades should help our customers in controlling their costs and risks. Publication of the Known Issues and Limitations document to create this awareness is one more example of our continued focus on enabling our customer’s success in everything that we do.



Shan Bhide is the Vice President of Technology at SoftWriters, a Pittsburgh-based company that offers pharmacy management software solutions to pharmacies serving the long-term care community. As a passionate change promoter and thought leader in technology, Shan has more than 20 years of experience delivering successful software products and solutions in enterprise space to a broad range of customers.