The Impact of Intuitive Interfacing


By John Juliano
Long term care pharmacy is constantly challenged with the need to exchange data with many different technologies deployed in various environments. In many cases information must move bi-directionally (back and forth) for accurate and consistent management of patient medication therapies. The failure of pharmacy software to work seamlessly with external systems can cause errors, strain facility relationships, expose competitive weaknesses, and add labor expense to both facilities and pharmacy.

FrameworkLTC® pharmacies are able to thrive in situations that require pharmacy interfacing with complex facility and prescriber-based systems, without the need for the pharmacy to invest in numerous interfaces. FrameworkLTC users can create efficient, technology-based workflows that distinguish themselves from other pharmacy suppliers while allowing for greater accuracy with less steps to process critical information.

FrameworkLTC exchanges data bi-directionally with over 50 eMAR, EHR, and remote dispensing systems using a singular HL7 compliant interface called FrameworkHL7.

  • This flexible, versatile interface can be used to send and receive HL7 format messages to as many technologies as necessary with only 1 actual interface vehicle.
    • FrameworkLTC pharmacies extend their reach to numerous facility systems with a single investment.
  • The standardization of the interface specification also enables new partners to be added in a matter of days and weeks.
    • FrameworkLTC pharmacies wanting to connect to a new technology can contact SoftWriters and we will guide your new vendor partner through the process. This effort carries no fees for you, the FrameworkLTC customer.

NCPDP Script v10.6
Well in advance, but anticipating the CMS requirement for certain e-Rx orders to be sent using the NCPDP standard, SoftWriters once again led the long term care software industry by creating a compliant point-to-point interface in NCPDP SCRIPT v10.6, including becoming the first commercially available EPCS solution.

  • FrameworkLTC pharmacies can efficiently process SCRIPT 10.6 messages without the use of other networks or workarounds (such as translating electronic orders to faxes for manual entry).
    • This creates value by saving pharmacies from paying higher transaction fees associated with a network and increases order entry speed and accuracy.
  • Enhancements are quickly enacted to improve these requirements for long term care.
    • For example, FrameworkLTC users can now control when fill messages are sent back to CPOE and eMAR systems to account for internal workflow processes, such as requiring orders to be reviewed or paid prior to updating 3rd party systems with a positive fill message.

Looking Forward
Interfacing and the need for facilities and pharmacies to work closely together continues to grow in importance as medication compliance carries greater financial risks for both the facility and pharmacy. SoftWriters will continue to monitor industry trends and emerging regulatory requirements to insure our customers are well prepared for these challenges.

John Juliano is the Product Sales Engineer at SoftWriters, a Pittsburgh-based company that offers pharmacy management software solutions to pharmacies serving the long-term care community.  John uses his technical expertise to demonstrate FrameworkLTC, FrameworkECM, and companion products to pharmacies looking to streamline efficiencies and enhance customer service.