Show Me The Way

Utilize the Customized Toolbar ribbons in FrameworkLTC 4.0 to address the different learning styles in your employees, help users find their comfort zone, and create Standard Operating Procedures in your pharmacy.

by Vicki Kamperman

If the first thing that comes to mind when you see the words “Show Me the Way” is a Peter Frampton song from the ‘70’s, then you may belong to a group of users who have seen some dramatic changes in technology in the past few decades. One of my responsibilities as a Software Trainer is to stay current with technology, and that is not always easily accomplished with the rapid changes! I try to be creative with this, sneaking peeks at the latest apps and gadgets that my children bring into the house on their visits home. Their generation seems to thrive on these technology changes, and they eagerly install and sample the latest innovations.

I have noticed that my trainings seem to fall into these generational groups as well. While training on SoftWriters’s new application, FrameworkECM™, I was describing “tagging” documents. An immediate response from the pharmacy techs likened it to “tagging” on Facebook. Their comfort zone with current applications made it easier for them to understand and learn our new document management system. I realized then how important it was to “teach to your audience.”

As FrameworkLTC® users move forward with the 4.0 migration, I encourage all of our pharmacies to utilize a new feature that addresses the different learning styles in employees. You now have the ability to customize the toolbar ribbons to show only the icons that a specific pharmacy role needs and uses on a daily basis. These customized ribbons will address two issues for you. The first is the ability to standardize your process by developing a Standardized Operating Procedure (SOP) which allows the pharmacy to establish a best process and assure consistency, regardless of who is logged into the workstation. This will help your employees from seeking their own creative solution within the software by providing them with the icons (menu shortcuts) of the process managers have selected to use for best practice.

The second advantage to the Customized Toolbar ribbons is to help users find their comfort zone in the software. For those who approach learning new software with trepidation, the toolbar icons can assist with navigation: simply login to the workstation and use the icons provided to accomplish quickly and efficiently the assigned task.

SoftWriters strives to offer new features that will enhance Pharmacy workflow and embrace new technology. Attend our Release webinars (registration available on the CEZ under SUPPORT > WEBINARS) to stay informed and let us “Show you the Way” with the latest innovations.

Vicki Kamperman is a FrameworkLTC trainer at SoftWriters, a Pittsburgh-based company that offers pharmacy management software solutions to pharmacies serving the long-term care community. Previously, she founded a company that assisted small business owners in applying technology to improve business outcomes. SoftWriters’ team of trainers work with software users to bring them up to speed quickly and provide ongoing training support to pharmacy teams.