Pharmacies Can Help Improve Facility Star Ratings

CMS’s star ratings for LTC facilities can be impacted positively based on collaboration with their LTC pharmacies. 

Of course, all things are possible with unlimited resources. Yet with competition and reimbursement for LTC pharmacy operators, both tough hurdles to overcome, using technology to deliver value and enhance patient safety has proved a winning strategy. Connectivity continues to be a key advantage for pharmacy, playing a significant role in providing support to the skilled nursing facilities you service. Establishing clear and constant channels of communication, via bi-directional interfaces to facility eHRs, eMARs, and in general everyday rapport with facility staff, goes a long way in improving patient care. Fortunately, helping your facility customers improve clinical outcomes will positively affect their star ratings, assisting both the facility and yourself in establishing a competitive advantage.

How can I help my facility customers?

Out of the several quality measures facilities must adhere to, pharmacy can impact medication safety (high-risk medication and diabetes treatment) and medication adherence. In addition to the various programs aimed at helping patients transition through the continuum of care – Follow-Me-Home programs, med synchronization, specialized packaging, offering MTM services, etc, utilizing the new REMS functionality within FrameworkLTC could help the facility with medication administration, thus reducing the number of medication related medical events.

REMS (risk evaluation and mitigation strategies) functionality allows the pharmacy to tag drugs with warnings and notes. For example, the REMS note could tell the facility to administer liver function tests throughout therapy to avoid damage or to order certain allergy tests due to the potential for severe reactions.

Improving star ratings may seem overwhelming and impossible to many facilities but small improvements in communication can translate to large effects on star ratings, and as their independent long term care pharmacy, you are there to support them every step of the way!

Please contact support for help on setting up your REMS functionality.